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The Data Tipping Point

What’s Inside?

Marketing runs on data and access to vital information about customers has only increased with the digital transformation of customer experiences.

But how marketers use data is at a tipping point.

eMarketer together with Affinity Solutions explore the opportunity marketers have to embrace a wide range of data sources to enable relevant, effective advertising.  

Complete the form below to download this co-developed guide.  View the changes that are leading brands to rewrite their data strategies so they can cross this tipping point and better connect with customers.

You'll get actionable tips on:

  • Emerging data collection and targeting approaches worth testing
  • Ways to improve media performance with cohort-based solutions, universal IDs, and data clean rooms
  • Proactive data strategies for linear TV, connected TV, retail media, search, social, and programmatic display
  • How retail media and transactional data offer marketers intent signals closer to purchase

Develop data strategies so you can cross this tipping point and better connect with your customers.


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